Our organization's main focus is to assist the Hispanic community with a variety of court required classes and certifications for clients undergoing legal circumstances such as divorce, retail theft accusations, Drug and Alcohol abuse, Driving Under the Influence (commonly known as DUI classes), Domestic Violence, Anger Management, as well as non-required classes such as Citizenship process and testing, Asbestos Certification, Basic Computer Certification, as many others.

We also provide assistance to clients seeking Translation Services, Assistance with Immigration paperwork, Immigration Bond Payments, Citizenship Paperwork, Fingerprinting, Divorce Paperwork and/or similiar. We do require every client to sign a Contract/Agreement to acknowledge clear understanding of the limitations and services to be rendered by La Solucion LLC. If you are planning to soon come to one of our locations, please make sure to first visit our "Sample Contracts" link to read and understand at least our "Basic Contract".

 We hope to help you soon!