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La Solucion LLC was originally organized in 2009 as a translation business exclusively. The agency began its services in the west side of Waukesha, focusing on low-income clients especially those with limited access to transportation assisting them with the needed translation to reach the Legal System and other needs they had and providing transportation. La Solucion LLC has since relocated its offices in downtown Waukesha and expanded its physical operations in 2010.

La Solucion LLC continued providing its services in Waukesha and Southeast Wisconsin and soon found the need several non-speaking clients had for court-required classes (based on their specific cases). La Solucion LLC soon began a Divorce Class which became the first online Spanish Divorce Class for Milwaukee County. Since then La Solucion LLC has expanded its classes and certifications to Cognitive Awareness, AODA, Anger Management, Better Driving, Citizenship, Domestic Violence, DUI, Improving personal Skills, Offender Corrections, Reality Checks, Court Reporter, Shoplifting and Basic Computer Skills.

In 2012 La Solucion LLC began assisting its clients by providing translations to communicate with different companies to obtain basic services such as phone, cable, satellite, and internet services. This assistance became so popular that in less than a year La Solucion LLC began a branch called La Solucion Tech LLC which was a formal Dealer for Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, and DirecTV. La Solucion Tech LLC focused its efforts in Los Angeles, CA generating revenue of over $40,000.00/month within the first 6 months. La Solucion Tech LLC is now a nationwide Dealer under the administration of TELCIM.

Currently, La Solucion LLC regards its ongoing ability to establish effective and powerful services to the partnership and other collaborators as a major accomplishment. Due to these partnerships, La Solucion LLC has been able to become a strong asset for the Hispanic Community in the Southeastern area of Wisconsin. These partnerships include counselors, attorneys, teachers, Immigration Officers, and private investigators assisting clients at La Solucion LLC facilities. La Solucion LLC currently holds two locations, our main offices in downtown Waukesha, and a second facility in Milwaukee, WI. Due to our fast growth in the Hispanic community, a third office is scheduled to open in Racine, WI by February 2020.

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